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I’m excited to say Vince is off to the editor. My beta readers as well as developmental editors have had some amazing things to say about him and I think you will love him, too.  Can’t it be January already?!?!?! I’m dying to share him with you. It is so hard to wait! 

I’m telling you, this book was so much fun to write. Sydney’s a firecracker and  kept Vince on his toes throughout the entire book. But don’t worry, Vince can give as much as he got. As I was going through edits, I honestly fell even harder for these two and I’m dying to introduce them to you. 

Like every book in this series, Vince is a stand alone story, but you will see characters from Drew pop up. Since Sydney is Abby’s roommate, you may have met her, but you have yet to know her. Trust me.

I’m excited to say, that Sydney and Vince will also appear in Damien, the next book in this series as well – so I didn’t really have to say goodbye completely. Thank God, because I freaking love these characters. 

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For those that haven’t heard, here’s the blurb for Vince:

It’s funny how one night can change everything.

Since my parents died, I refuse to be another statistic.

I’ve had to make sacrifices – especially when it comes to my social life.

I’m convinced it’s worth it and I’ll have plenty of time to focus on me… later.

Then Sydney walks into my life and knocks my world off kilter.

She’s strong, sexy, independent and possibly more than I can handle. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted, but my reality and the secret I’m harboring, might have her running in the other direction.

Will my perfectly laid out plans go up in flames if I take a chance on her?  

Preorder Vince NOW!

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