Who is ready for Vince?

OMG! I’ve been sitting on this cover for what feels like FOREVER! I’m so excited to share it with you. Isn’t he gorgeous??? Amy Queau did an amazing job at creating this cover and I couldn’t be happier. She is pure genius when it comes to design and most of all, I absolutely love working with her. 

Believe it or not, I came up with Vince’s story in 2017. (Which was long before Drew was even thought of.) I distinctly remember the day I came up with Vince’s story. I was on a road trip with my good friend CL Collier. We were driving between North Carolina and South Carolina. We were there for a writer’s conference but we took a day to explore the land. Our goal was to find a winner of a Cupcake Wars shop.

While on the highway in the middle of nowhere, Vince’s story came to life. It all started with, “Hey CL, what if I had a character who did this….” Then Bam! Vince’s story was brought to life.

I can remember the excitement like it was yesterday – and most importantly the rush of energy that flowed afterwards. Before I knew it, I had both Vince his sister’s books clear in my mind – I just needed the time to write it. The more I got to know more about Vince and his love interest Sydney, I knew I needed to introduce her early. I wanted reader’s to get to know her a bit before knowing her full story. What better way to do that than with roommates? Then the story of Drew and Abby came to life – and of course, you know what happened with them.

Don’t worry – you do not have to read Drew before reading Vince. They are both completely independent stories. Though it is an added bonus to see the characters grow and evolve over time. Here’s the blurb to Vince:

It’s funny how one night can change everything.

Since my parents died, I refuse to be another statistic. I’ve had to make sacrifices – especially when it comes to my social life. I’m convinced it’s worth it and I’ll have plenty of time to focus on me… later.

Then Sydney walks into my life and knocks my world off kilter.She’s strong, sexy, independent and possibly more than I can handle. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted, but my reality and the secret I’m harboring, might have her running in the other direction.

Will my perfectly laid out plans go up in flames if I take a chance on her?

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Before I go, here is the full wrap of Vince: Book Two of the Perfectly Independent Series. Amy is utter perfection at getting this cover just how I imagined Vince to be.

Until next time, Happy Reading!


~ Amanda

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