Collide is finally here!

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I’m so excited to announce that Collide: A Sweet Romance is now available. I want to thank every blogger, reader and fan who has shared about it yesterday. I was a humbling experience to go onto social media (because yes I made myself take breaks from it) and be notified of your interactions!  

Here’s what reader’s are saying about Collide: 
Refreshing! Delightful! “I’ll wait forever, if that’s what it takes.” Sigh…this is a heartwarming story that could easily be a made-for-TV movie! When Alex collides with Gavin, neither of them realized this was the beginning of forever. They collided body, mind, and soul! This is authentic romance! Amanda Shelley writes believable storylines with down-to-earth characters and relatable lives. This is what die-hard Romantics crave…connection down deep to the marrow of their bones. As with any life, Gavin and Alex had obstacles to overcome but they learned that romance is the beginning of true love and true love means you are in it together to the end no matter what. There is beauty and hope in this story of a woman and a man colliding for all of eternity. ~ K. Lynn BookHavenBookBlog 

Gavin’s and Alexis’ story is a sweet young adult romance. It’s about two college students who meet in an unexpected way and their relationship begins there. Their paths continue to “collide” until an accident happens and they’re thrown together for an uncertain amount of time. I love how they’re relationship builds. The flow of the story just works. The secondary characters are an integral part of the story especially the relationship they both share with their families. I’m so glad I gave this book a chance ( as young adult romances aren’t normally my go to book). You will not be disappointed with this book. My hats off to you Amanda Shelley for writing a beautifully sweet romance. I highly recommend this book. ~ Book Bub Reviewer

Until next time. Happy Reading,
~ Amanda

P. S. If you respond to this post by telling me what device you will read Collide on, I will gift a few copies of Collide: A Sweet Romance to a few lucky readers.

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