Who’s ready for Collide

In just five short days, the wait will be over, Collide will be in your hands, and I will be rocking in a corner waiting for your responses… (Not really on that last part, but a small part of me will – as I feel that way with every release. It’s always a cross between being really excited an really nervous… I can’t really describe it other than the fact that I’m a big ball of emotions – with each release.)

You can preorder your copy of Collide: A Sweet Romance here.

Collide: A Sweet Romance
Falling head over heels was the last thing I expected.
Coffee is everywhere – and more than my ego is bruised.
When the handsome stranger I plowed into calls me by name, mortification sinks in.
He rushes off to class. I run home to change, hoping to forget the whole incident.
If only I could be so lucky.
I quickly find it’s a small world and Gavin Wallace is completely unavoidable. Everywhere I turn he’s there. In my classes. Hanging with my friends.
I’ve got his full attention and I have to admit, I like it a lot more than I should.

Here’s what early readers are saying about Collide:

“Normally I find my self on the fence about college romances. This definitely wasn’t the case with this book. It had me captivated by the end of page one. I loved Alex and her stubbornness. Then she ran down Gavin spilling coffee all over him. She was most certainly a goner, and so was Gavin. Just the description of him makes him swoon worthy. The story line was perfect.”
~ Book Obsessed 

“Slow burn, first love, sweet romance!” ~ Wendy @ Ilikebooksbest

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On a personal note… I want to thank you for supporting me on this journey. If you haven’t already done so, please pop into my reader’s group and say hi. Amanda’s Army of Readers is a group where I share everything about Amanda Shelley first. It’s also a place where I get to interact and get to know my fellow book lovers. I’m just as avid of reader as many of you and I love to talk all things books.

For those who have joined, next week there will be some contests for some e-book give aways as well as for a signed paperback of Collide: A Sweet Romance. I’d hate for anyone to miss out on the fun. If you haven’t joined…. click on the link above or the logo for my reader’s group and join now… what are you waiting for???

Stay tuned next week because there will be an opportunity for you to get a signed paperback through this newsletter as well.

Happy Reading,
~ Amanda

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