Road Trip to Anderson Island

Today I had the opportunity to go to Anderson Island to scope out the setting for my current WIP (work in progress), Making The Call. I’m more excited now than ever to write this book for you. I seriously can’t wait to dig into Jake and Dani’s story.

This was my view today.  I fell in love with Anderson Island. I can’t wait to go back

The best part about today is now  these characters are calling out to me, demanding to be written. C.L. Collier and I spent the day talking plots and possibilities for Jake and Dani.

I am currently only about 16K into this book and am still working on my blurb, but let me give you a hint and introduce you to Jake, from Making The Call.


For players, girls are a dime a dozen. For coaches, not so much. As the youngest NFL coach in the league, I live, eat, breathe and even sleep football. To gear up for the season, I return to my home on the island for a much needed break. When Dani literally crashes into my life, my mind’s suddenly on the sexy brunette with a sailors mouth, rather than our next play. She has me dusting off another playbook entirely, making me wonder, did I make the right call?



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