Which do you Prefer?

Here’s the hidden truth to how I converted.

For years, I was strictly a hard cover book reader. I loved the feel of turning the pages, and having the heaviness of an actual book weighing me down. I loved browsing bookstores (still do) and couldn’t wait until the next release came from my favorite authors. I never thought I’d convert.

One day, I noticed a bump on my wrist and it hurt for me to hold my coveted books for long periods of time.  I went to the doctor and found out my heavy books had caused a cyst. Of course, I had it removed and all was good. (So no worries.) Who knew reading could cause injuries?

Before this happened, I was given an e-reader for Christmas. (It was an original Kindle) I’ll admit it sat for a long time before I even loaded it. I just wasn’t ready to give up the feel of a real book. But life happened and I hardly had time to read. Once I had my first child, it was hard to hold a book and my baby at the same time, so I’ll admit I took a break from reading.

Then I was given my Kindle Paper White and my reading was revolutionized. I’ll never forget the time I was at the beach. My baby had fallen asleep and I was sitting in the car after feeding her, not wanting to open the door in fear of waking her. My phone did not get reception and I had read my most current book on my Kindle. It was then I found the brilliance of its 3G feature. I downloaded a few books and was on my way to being entertained, while my grumpy baby rested happily against me.

(*Note* this is not an advertisement for Kindle. Simply an explanation for how I soon fell in love with my e-reader.)

It was on that day I found many authors like Marie Force, Melissa Foster, and Lisa Swallow and Heidi Joy Trethaway and Marquita Valentine. All of which I am still huge fans of today. I devoured book after book. I found I could take it everywhere with me and   never was without a book, as it always kept my place and fit easily inside my purse.

Shortly there after, I received my first ARC (Advance Read Copy). I was beyond excited to be the first to read a book by Marquita Valentine. I soon found there were more perks to going digital. Such as receiving long-awaited books instantly to my e-reader, on the day of their release. My e-reader also made it so I didn’t have to store the hundreds of books I was now making the time to read each year. My ultimate favorite part of having an e-reader is when I find an author with a huge back list, I can instantly go on to the next book, without having to wait longer than its download.

So to answer the question, I’m a converter. I still love real books, but I love my e-reader more. I have over one-thousand books and counting, which I read regularly. The only thing that tops it, is my discovery of Audio books. Now I can experience amazing books while in the car and still be the driver. Tell me, which do you prefer?

Ereader or paperback

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