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The other day, I was watching late night TV (which is rare) and the host had a segment about what was your last you read? Or can you name at least one book? He prefaced it with only one in five Americans read regularly. Not many could come up with an answer to either one. Or even name an author. My guess is some of their hesitation had to do with a camera being shoved in their face and being put on the spot. I know if one was pushed in my face, I’d likely run the other way.

But, God help the person who ever asks me those question, my response would be something like, “How much time do you have?” Yes, I have been known to spontaneously talk about books, their characters and the authors themselves. I have to say I appreciate my non-reading friends who let me go off on them and allow me to tell them all about the latest book I just read. You know who you are, and thank you for loving me anyway.

Something most of you probably don’t know about me is before I started writing, I was an avid reader. Over the last couple of years I averaged around two hundred reads a year. Last year I cut it down to 150 and my goal for this year is 125 (because I intend to write this year instead). Up until recent months, if I read a book, I reviewed it.

Cough… cough… (hangs head in shame) I have to admit I’m behind on my reviews and have about seven to catch up on, but I  will get them done; not only because I use my reviews as a way of keeping track with my reading, but to help the authors as well. I had no idea the importance of reviews, until recent years. It doesn’t take much. Just by mentioning the author’s name, the book you’re reviewing and what you thought of the book is simple enough. It doesn’t have to be a novel and you certainly don’t want to give the book away.

I am always looking for more books to read. I love hearing about people’s favorite reads or up and coming releases that blow you away. My question to you is, what was the last book you read?  

Bonus points if you can say yes to this

Did you leave a review?

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