Are you a pantser?

As the year comes to an end I’m curious, are you the type of person who makes goals for the next year? Or you a planner or a pantser? I’ll humbly admit, I’m a little of both.

Fun fact – when it comes to writing, I am a bit of a hybrid. I plot out major points, so I always know where my story is going, but I pants my way through it (fly by the seat of my pants – in case you’re wondering where my invented vocab came from). When I’m writing, I have to let my characters guide the story and tell what needs to be written – it’s just how my creative process works.

But when it comes to my business, I am quite the opposite. I am extremely intentional because I have to plan and make use of the little time I have to work towards my goals as I juggle, working a day job, being a mom to four amazing girls, and my writing lives. From the beginning, I have always wanted to be wide and allow access to my books on multiple platforms. In the last year, I checked off a major dream and published in a multi-author series in Kindle Unlimited, I also participated in Anthologies as well, because it expands my reach to new readers – because that is my ultimate goal. In 2022, I was able to produce some audio books, and get onto some apps, which checked off several goals I’ve had in place for myself as an author.

As a part of this, there have been a few behind the scenes things taking place. First I signed with a literary agent, and we’re working hard to get my books into even more places. You can now find my books on both the Radish and Kiss Apps.

Right now, you can find books (like Zander) that aren’t even on other platforms yet, because they went live this month. I also tried to bundle my books if they were a part of an interconnected world, to let readers experience their worlds together. For example on the Radish App, I put Zander, The Boy Upstairs and He Saved My Boy – all as part of the Perfectly Independent Series because they were Damien’s brothers and connect to that world.

If you haven’t checked out these Apps, keep reading to find out how you can find my books there.

Join me on Radish so you can read The Perfectly Independent Series! Radish is the app for all things romance! You can read or listen to your favorite romance stories anytime, anywhere. If you love fiction, there’s no other place to be than Radish!

As of this week, you can now find my books on the Kiss App, too! Be sure to check them out!

The Resilience Duet:
The Perfectly Independent Series:

I am pleased to announce next year’s line up for 2023 Book-of-the-Month Club. I would love nothing more than to continue sharing books from my author friends with you and yours. Be sure to share my NL link with your friends, so they too can all experience these amazing authors and more in 2023.

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