Kiss & Tell Releases tomorrow!

Net Proceeds go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Tomorrow is release day for Kiss & Tell. The day has finally come and you will get to meet Zander. I can’t wait for you to meet him.

Anyone want a sneak peek?

As she washes her hands at the sink, she stops and turns to me with a goofy grin. “You like him.”

“Colby? Of course, I do.”

Swatting at my arm she says, “No, Ari. I’m talking about Zander.”

“Sash, you know it’s all an act, remember?” I pointedly remind her.

“Cut the crap, Ari. This is me and I know you. Hell, I’ve never even seen you look at Dylan the way you’re looking at him.”

“You have your honeymoon goggles on—and just want everyone around you to fall in love.”

Squealing with excitement, she rushes in for a hug. “Of course, I do. But seriously, that man likes you just as much. He hasn’t taken his eyes off you all afternoon.”

“You’re supposed to focus on your happiness today, not mine.”

“So… he makes you happy?” Her voice rises three octaves in pure excitement and it’s then I recognize my mistake.

I roll my eyes to play it off. “Not the point. He’s only here as a favor.”

“I wish you’d open your eyes and unlock the gates to that organ you so often ignore. Stop being rational and just feel.”

“I feel…” I hedge and even I can hear the defensiveness in my tone.

“I know. But remember it’s okay to take risks. I’d hate for you to miss out on something wonderful because you’re too stubborn to see what is standing right in front of you.”

When I just stare at her in disbelief, she points over her shoulder.

“You know… he’s right out there, about yay big,” she holds her hand high in the air, “and is the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. You’re lucky I met Colby first, or you’d have some competition… oh, get that look off your face. I’d never make a move on your man—even if Colby wasn’t in the picture. Besides, I’d bet my last buck Zander only has eyes for you.”

So much to unpack from that statement. “Uh… he’s not my man.”

Raising a brow in challenge she crosses her arms over her chest. “He could be…”

Price will increase after release, so preorder and begin reading when it goes live tonight at midnight.

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