Who wants Making the Call to become an Audio Book?

Who wants more audio books?

I know I sure do.

As an avid reader, mom of four, and author – life is busy. Often with my chaotic life, the only way I can consume stories from other authors is through audio.

Can anyone else relate?

It is important for me to make my books accessible to all. From the moment I published my first book, my goal has been to produce audio versions as well.You can help me kickstart this dream into a reality.

My next audio book is Making The Call. It is a sports Romance but instead of being about the players, it’s about the coach who finds he has to dust off a new playbook entirely when Dani literally crashes into his life.

Making the Call is over 90,000 words and will be over 10 hours of entertainment. Audibly Addicted is helping me produce this audio book. I’m excited to announce Connor Crais and Vanessa Edwin have been selected to narrate. They sound incredible together and I can’t wait to get this into your hands.

Do you want a chance to get a copy of this for yourself before it officially publishes?

Or do you like ebooks, swag, t-shirts, one-on-one Zoom sessions with me as, the author – or even becoming a minor character in my next series?

If so, please consider becoming a backer. There’s something in this for everyone.

Click now for a sample of Making the Call and become a backer today.


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