Snowed Inn Vol. 2 is NOW AVAILABLE!


HEA Press has partnered with 15 of your favorite authors to bring you Snowed Inn Vol. 2!
Get ready to cozy up with Sage Imogen, CL Collier, Sarah Peis, Amy Stephens, Tracey Broemmer, Layla Delaney, Katrina Marie, Tina Gallagher, Samantha Long, A. Gorman, Amanda Shelley, Skye Turner, Victoria Pinder, Aubree Valentine and Mignon Mykel as they each bring you a brand new story to fall in love with this holiday season.

Available on Nook, Kobo, Google Play, iTunes and Amazon:

My contribution is Snowed in with My Brother’s Best Friend.
Here’s the Blurb:
All I want to do is drop off my brother’s things and leave.
When the snow doesn’t stop, I find myself trapped with Tate—my brother’s best friend.
Only, he’s not the lanky boy I remember. In his place is a man who sets me on fire.
With the roads closed, the million-dollar question is how long will I be able to keep up the charade of denying these new feelings?

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