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Collection Title: All American Boy Series

Authors: Emily Robertson, Megan Matthews, Molly McLain, Amanda Shelley, Hope Irving, Sierra Hill, Chloe Holiday, Marie Ahls, Stephanie Rose, S. Moose, S.L. Sterling, Leanne Davis, C.A. Harms, Anna Hague, KL Humphreys

Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: JustWrite.Creations

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The All-American Boy Series description

Welcome to Bear Creek, Colorado, an idyllic all-American mountain resort town and home of the USA Music Festival. Filled with summer love, country music and unexpected pleasures, this brand-new series of short contemporary stories will bring together a mix of summer fun and music with the backdrop of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

The All American Boy Series gives you a taste of 15 new books in a shared world experience. All books are standalone but may include cross-over in characters or scenes. 

Titles/Release Dates/ Preorder

The Boyfriend Pact by Emily Robertson ➜ October 18th

Boy Business by Megan Matthews ➜ October 19th

Boy, I’m Yours by Molly McLain ➜ October 21st

The Boy Upstairs by Amanda Shelley ➜ October 26th

Oh Boy! by Hope Irving ➜ October 27th

A Boy and His Dog by Chloe Holiday ➜ November 1st

Boyfriend Material by Marie Ahls ➜ November 2nd

The Boyfriend Checklist by Sierra Hill ➜ November 3rd

The Boy I Shouldn’t Want by Stephanie Rose ➜ November 4th

The Boy I Can’t Forget by S. Moose  ➜ November 5th

The Boy Under the Gazebo by S.L. Sterling ➜ November 8th

The Boy I Loved by Leanne Davis ➜ November 9th

Inked Boy by C.A. Harms ➜ November 10th

Boy and the Family Plan by Anna Hague ➜ November 11th

Small Town Boy by K.L. Humphreys ➜ November 12th

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