Want a sneak peak of my next Release?

Want to know what my next release will be? If you’re looking for more from the Perfectly Independent Series, you’re in for a treat (pun intended) because Chloe and DeShawn are the main characters in the Fix Your Crown Anthology. You’ve met them in Drew and they’re mentioned throughout the series, but do you really know their story?

Want a sneak peek?

Here’s an excerpt. Copyright © 2021 by Amanda Shelley

(This is from Chloe’s perspective)

Of course, that night ended with a hell of a lot more than a goodnight kiss.

It was the first of many I don’t think I’ll ever forget. Every kiss, every touch burned me from the inside out, with his personal brand. He ruined me for all other men because no one’s even come close to making me feel the way he did.

For it being our first time, it was perfect. The way he focused his attention on me and made me come alive was an out of this world experience. Eventually, my body craved him with a simple glance or smirk from across the room. He did things to me I never thought imaginable.

My core clenches at the thought of it now, even after all these years. I’ve never been with anyone quite like DeShawn. He knew exactly what buttons to get me hot and bothered, yet I never needed to worry because he most certainly knew how to finish, so we both came out the victors.

To him, I was the most beautiful woman in the world. It didn’t matter if I was a pixie in comparison to him. Being five foot four, blond hair, and translucent skin—that some might call pasty in comparison to his golden-brown tone.

At one point, I seriously thought he could be the one.

My heart pangs at the memory because with it comes reality.

His mistress.

The one that was never far from his mind.

The one he couldn’t leave behind unless he wanted to jeopardize his D-1 scholarship. His time was torn between school, wanting to spend time with me, and his first love, basketball.

At first, he was determined we could make things work.

But I needed more. I wanted a man who could put me first. Who didn’t have such a tight schedule that I became someone he squeezed in. I refused to be an obligation, so I did what I thought was best.

I walked away.

I knew I’d never make him choose between his dream or me. I just couldn’t do it. Not only would I hate myself for turning into a woman I swore I’d never become, but he would’ve eventually resented me, and I couldn’t live with that either.

No, I loved him enough to never let it come to that. 

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