Damien is LIVE!!!

The day is finally here! Damien is available everywhere! Are you ready to meet the sexy engineer who’s got his sights set on Vanessa? Are you ready for a pint-sized sidekick who will completely melt your heart?

Want a peek at Vanessa’s thoughts when she’s asked to deliver something to Damien…

“Uh… why would I do that?” My words come out almost defensive.

“Oh, I don’t know…” she practically singsongs. “Maybe because he’s been coming here and flirting with you for the past month or so.”

I scoff, “He does not.”

“Uh… have you ever noticed he only sits in your section? He doesn’t talk to me the way he does you, and his eyes certainly don’t follow anyone else around the way he does with you.”

Rolling my eyes, I can’t help but laugh. “Tara, I’ve always known you’ve had a wild imagination, but I think you’ve lost it this time. Damien doesn’t do any of those things.”

“Oh, but he does.” She smirks. “Just ask Jeff. He gets a front row show from the kitchen.”

Walking back to the coffee maker, I shake my head. “You’re delusional.” But before she can prove her point and make this a public spectacle, I change the subject.

Although Damien is the third book in the Perfectly Independent Series, it can completely be read as a stand alone story. However if you’ve read my books, I think you’re going to love the cross-overs in this one. Not only do we find out more about Sydney and Vice, Abby and Drew’s story continues as well. For those of you who’ve read Making The Call, I think you’ll be in for a nice surprise as Dani and Luke’s are a huge part of Damien’s family.

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Early reviews are coming in and I’m overwhelmed with the level of response. Thank you so much to everyone who’s taken the time to read, like, comment and share about Damien’s release! 

Here is what one reviewer has said…

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