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The wait is finally over. Vince is LIVE everywhere! I’ve been dying to get this book into your hands. I fell so hard for both Vince and Sydney as I wrote this book. I hope you will too!

I distinctly remember the day I discovered Vince. I was driving around North Carolina in between classes at a conference I was attending and I looked to my friend CL Collier and said, “What would happen if a character was…(this).” From there Vince’s story developed and grew into what it is today. Of course, this also means that his sister’s story developed too, and I’m telling you, you’re going to love Damien (Book 3 in this series). Don’t worry – I am writing that book now.

Not only was Vince an amazing character to write, but Sydney – man I would be her best friend if she was not just a character in my book. She was so much fun to write. You never knew what would roll off her tongue and she kept me on my toes as I wrote this book. She is smart, stubborn and full of sass. Her walls are high and it takes a lot for her to let Vince in. You might remember Sydney from reading Drew, but trust me, you’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all that is Sydney. 

(Have no fear, this book can be read as a complete stand alone, if you haven’t read Vince. But from what early reviewers are saying, you’ll likely want to know their story as well, to get more from this world!)

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