What are your plans for June 30?

For me it will be a day of huge celebration! I can’t believe the day is almost here. Collide will finally be released into the wild. Want to know a fun little fact? This is actually the first book I ever started writing and what made me want to become an actual published author. 
Yep! That’s right. This book right here is what paved the way for this path I’ve chosen.

This is the book I couldn’t stop thinking about as I drove around for hours with my three young children on hot summer afternoons. I had just had my third child and I live in a state where AC is not a necessity 95% of the year. It’s usually only uncomfortable for a few short hours before I get  some evening wind at my house, but for some reason that summer was particularly hot. It was so hot, I would literally pack up my vehicle at nap time and happily drive my F250 crew cab (at the time) down to the beach just to get their nap in and get away from the house.

It was often just us girls. My oldest was nearly six, my middle had just turned 5 and I had a newborn who all needed naps at that point. I seriously didn’t care where we went as long as they got they naps in. Being in the car always put them to sleep and by that point, I was desperate. I was on a huge Twilight phase at that point. I listened to the audio book in the car because it was one of my few books I enjoyed that my kids could listen to as well. Maybe it spurred me back into being an avid reader, but it also made me think of stories on my own.

Well eventually, I found I couldn’t stop thinking about this girl going off to college on her own for the first time. If I were listening to the radio, I would literally zone out and this plot just kept coming back to me. It was like it wouldn’t turn off. In an attempt to try and focus on something other than this plot running on a loop in my brain, I finally opened up a Word document and started to write it all down… I’d always been an avid reader but never considered myself a writer. But I couldn’t believe when I got the first fifty pages written. Holy smokes when I got to the first hundred. Eventually, I had over 350 pages and it still wasn’t finished.  Well, obviously, I had written too much. I found myself some great beta readers, editors and paired it down to what it is today. 

Collide is set in Pullman, WA. A place near and dear to my heart. I don’t know what it is about that place, but it will always have a huge place in my heart. I am a die hard Coug fan and it brought me great joy to write about a place I love so much. Just look at this setting… wouldn’t you fall in love too? 

This is how I come up with the story for Collide: A Sweet Romance. It will be available Tuesday, June 30, 2020 at all retailers.  Click HERE to Preorder NOW!

Here’s a taste of Collide: A Sweet Romance

Falling head over heels was the last thing I expected.


Coffee is everywhere – and more than my ego is bruised.

When the handsome stranger I plowed into calls me by name, mortification sinks in.

He rushes off to class. I run home to change, hoping to forget the whole incident.

If only I could be so lucky.

I quickly find it’s a small world and Gavin Wallace is completely unavoidable. Everywhere I turn he’s there. In my classes. Hanging with my friends.

I’ve got his full attention and I have to admit, I like it a lot more than I should.

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