Do you review?

This evening, I spent some time writing reviews. I have a strong philosophy when it comes to reading books. If I read the book, it’s reviewed. Unfortunately, I’ve been busy editing/proof reading Resilience to get it ready for you, but I do make a point to read every day. So I spent a bit of time tonight catching up.

I know many of you might not think reviewing is important, but your reviews and opinions make a huge difference to authors. Your words about the book influence other readers and might encourage them to pick up a book you enjoyed.  Your words will brighten an author’s day.  It makes their work visible to others and lets them know how much you’ve enjoy the world they have spend countless hours creating.

Reviews don’t need to be lengthy.  They just need to be honest.  A few lines is all it takes. State the author’s name, the title of the book and what you thought about it. Be sure to review the book that was read, not the book you wish the author had written.  You can be excited about a book, but try not to leave spoilers. Everyone deserves to experience that amazing book the way you did.

What was the last book you reviewed?

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