Welcome to Amanda Shelley’s Bookstore!

I am thrilled to announce there are now even more ways to buy your favorite (or future favorite) books by Amanda Shelley! You can now purchase ebooks, audiobooks, and signed paperbacks from the bookstore. You are now able to purchase ebooks and audio directly and read or listen in the easy-to-use (and completely FREE) BookFunnel app. Same great books, even more options to buy. Get started by clicking the links above! I am even offering signed paperbacks.

Please note that some e-books/audiobooks will not be available to directly download, due to Term of Services I already have in place with other vendors, but all signed paperbacks will be available for purchase (though you will need to allow for time for shipping and delivery).

TWO important items before you submit your order:

PERSONALIZATION: Don’t forget to request personalization (if you want it) on your book(s)! There is a field on each product page where you can indicate how you would like your book(s) signed.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: We are not currently offering international shipping through the website due to varying costs based on weight and shipping location. 
IF YOU WISH TO PLACE AN INTERNATIONAL ORDER: Please email to discuss shipping costs and options.

 Happy shopping!! xoxo